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History of Setcon Industries

Setcon Industries is a family owned and operated business for over 55 years and 3 generations. In 1961 Joe Azzolino, mixed bags of dry Calcium Chloride and water in open drums to become one of the pioneers in developing LIQUID Calcium Chloride. He marketed it in pails and drums to the concrete industry as Setquick, an accelerator for concrete. He named his business SETCON standing for setting concrete. Before long, SETCON had a complete line of admixtures for concrete known as the Chemstrong series.

The product line consists of water reducers, air entraing agents, accelerators, retarders, super-plasticizers, and curing compounds. With liquid Calcium Chloride being a large part of the raw material base, we decided to redefine our company and move it to even a higher level by tapping into the liquid Calcium Chloride market. From 5-gallon pails in 1961 to millions of gallons per year, SETCON has grown immensely becoming the largest liquid Calcium Chloride distributor in New Jersey.

Calcium Chloride is designed to meet a broad range of needs for a variety of customers. Liquid Calcium Chloride is an odorless, colorless, and non-flammable liquid which is environmentally friendly and is NOT regarded as a “hazardous material”. Many concentrations are available to enhance the performance for various operating conditions.

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